With increasing developments in Information and Communications Technology(ICT), AI, IoT, Big Data and other smart technologies are becoming hot topics nowadays.
To equip yourself and learn the fundamentals of the new technologies, in collaboration with IBM, free online courses are offered to HKSYU students for free, with the most popular topics including Big Data, AI, Machine Learning, Blockchain, Clouding Computing, and Automation, etc.
You can now register for IBM Academic Initiative  (https://www.ibm.com/academic/home) using your SYU email address, to check out more IBM tools, courses, and other resources.
Other than IBM Academic Initiative, IBM also offers the IBM Cloud Services(Public Cloud) (https://cloud.ibm.com/). There are more products available for free, including IBM Watson Studio, Machine Learning, Speech to Text/Text to Speech and Watson Assistant (Chatbot), etc. Please register an IBM Public Cloud account at https://cloud.ibm.com/.
The following are some of the tools and features provided by IBM Public Cloud:

IBM Cloud

Ø   SPSS Modeler with Text Analytics

Ø   Cognos Analytics

Ø   Watson Assistant

Ø   Watson Discovery

Ø   Watson Knowledge Studio

Ø   Watson Language Translator

Ø   Watson Text to Speech

Ø   Watson Speech to Text

If you are interested and want to know further information, please click here for the guidelines and refer to the following links for your reference: