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Research Excellence – World Top 2% Scientists

Four HKSYU researchers are in the World Top 2% most cited scientists in a report recently released by Stanford University. Two of them are from Department of Applied Science. The report reflects the research impacts to the academic community produced by colleagues and the recognitions of their works internationally.

[樹仁簡訊] 仁大與 IBM 聯手普及數據研究 推動數碼人文

應用數據科學學系系主任、愛訊集團創新及研究中心總監 、 大數據實驗室主任袁文貞博士(上圖右)於8月30日出席IBM Technology Day,分享仁大在疫情下如何積極發展數碼人文,確保仁大在數碼時代中保持競爭力。

SYU in IBM Technology Day

In IBM Technology Day on 30 Aug 2022, Dr. Connie Yuen shared the story of SYU’s digital transformation journey on the stage. The Big Data Lab is equipped with IBM Cloud Pak for Data, which helps teachers and students to analyze data by using low-code or no-code approach. SYU’s digital transformation journey is still on the way. We are working hard to work with IBM partners in the future.