The Bachelor of Science with Honours in Applied Data Science (BSc-ADS) is the First Bachelor of Science programme in Shue Yan University.

Unlike other similar programmes offered by other institutions oriented towards business analytics mathematical and statistical modelling, our programme aims to equip graduates with cross-disciplinary skills to understand and overcome the challenges associated with interpreting large volumes of data and communicating the results to the intended audience to enable data-driven decision making and solve real-world problems.

Therefore, we welcome students from all education backgrounds.

The curriculum of the programme includes courses in four key areas:

  1. ADS Fundamentals,
  2. Business Analytics,
  3. Digital Humanities / Social Science,
  4. VR/AR Visualization
Students will also be able to apply their knowledge in reality through the industry experience provided before graduation:
  • Professional Internship
  • Capstone Project
The design of BSc-ADS is unique and balanced. It would help students be all-round and more professional to meet the community needs in digital era.

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